Bubblegum ice cream USA LISTING july polish pick up

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CAD 4.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

You guys bought so much of this the first time we had to close our store for two days. IT"S BACK for a limited time until July 20th.  It will START to ship the week of july 3rd. THIS IS A PRE ORDER AND IT COULD TAKE UP TO 7 BUSINESS DAYS TO SHIP 


pics by so many people, bloggers and fans. opaque in 2-3 coats. topcoat always recommended for ANY polish


lg bottle is 15ml and is &12.50 CANADIAN instead of us$ with flat rate shipping of 4$ Canadian.


ORDER ALL YOU WANT for that flat rate shipping. You will be charged more if your order is between 12.51$ and 49.99 but we will refund it within 24-48 hours (often within hours) . Regardless of how much you order even non polish items. This polish is all made fresh and is not ANY over pour from the initial sale. 


It's our way of celebrating POLISH PICKUP'S FIRST YEAR....WOW that didn't take long <3