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Yes they are free....but feel free to share us with your friends and family



Listen, I know we totally dropped the ball on our usual yearly Pokémon collection we have done since we have opened. It's coming soon. I'm just finalizing a few colours and waiting on a few things that are going to be in a few limited edition packages but will include more than nail polish. 
It's a very fun box whether you only get the nail polish is or whether you get one of the bonus packages, everybody always gets excited about this one.

This year with the whole Pokémon go thing it really made us think about Pokémon differently. We've always done characters but then we got into thinking regions , Teams, and even types.

It would be so easy to make a 25 or 50 bottle Pokémon line because when you play, and have been playing since the first set of Pokémon Wayback when, it's kind of different. My son is also an addict thanks to me.

So to start the fun here are some colouring pages. Print them off share them use them to distract your children while you do your nails, whatever. Take a picture and post it on either ‪#‎Instagram‬ @myindiepolish or on this page. on the day that the set releases I will draw for one bonus package that includes so much more than nail polish and one full set.

I'm not given any sneak peaks yet or a confirmed a release date but this will give you much more time to color. I really love having all my fans and I try to think of fun and unique things today so I hope you guys like these. Just print them off the same way you would print any letter

colour them however you want, inside the lines, outside the lines, correct colour, wrong colours

Enjoy and thank you