Peach Bellini scented wax melt 6oz

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Indie Melts are 100% canadian soy wax that is certified GMO free

our blocks are bigger than most (double in fact) so you will get ultimate,long lasting enjoyment. PLEASE NOTE! only use one melt block at a time...overloading your warmer actually creates LESS scent


Inspired by Bath & Body Works popular scent, this Peach Bellini Fragrance Oil is a delicious re-imagining with notes of sparkling Prosecco, juicy peach nectar, pink grapefruit and fresh mangoes!


  • Dimensions per melt: 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.75"
  • Number of melts : 6
  • Each entire Clam Shell holds approximately 6 oz of wax Approximate Outside Package Dimensions: Height- 5.75" Width- 3.87"