Rouge Beach Nail Polish - Hello Toronto 15ml

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Elena from nail experiments provided the pics and reviews and this is what she had to say.

The glitter combination in this is out of this world STUNNING and just feels so whimsical! The glitters float within a clear base, found the formula to be a little thick but feel that's the normalcy within glitter bombs all around. I applied the recommended 3 coats and found it to be quite thick. Had I originally know, I would have applied 1 coat, sponged on a second and glitters would have layed flat and dried down much quicker. This is a glitter bomb/textured polish, so it won't dry down to a smooth finish and sealed it all in with a glossy topcoat. I'm not a huge fan of glitter bombs but this one stole my heart and will definitely be wearing it again!


What is Rouge Beach? It's an interesting place. the via and go trains pass over this bridge that you can climb to....I'd spend hours just sitting with friends, boyfriends and even alone just taking in the water, the ducks, and people watching. Summer nights were full of beach parties, first times and campfires. It's a great family place to hang out.