The Great Pumpkin, Thermal Nail polish, vegan cosmetics 5 ml

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The great pumpkin is a beautiful russet orange with a touch of holographic.....when it's cool. When it's warm it's a beautiful pearl/clear base with lots of silver flakies. This listing is for our MINI size 5ml bottle. 100% vegan, and made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. We are a small family company that lives and breathes handmade.


The pictures are by becky at naked without polish. this is what she had to say

Shown is two coats of The Great Pumpkin with Fast Dry Top Coatwithout manipulation.
The Great Pumpkin is another that surprised me. Thermals are hit or miss for me. My nails were at a good length when swatching this, that I was able to fully enjoy it and I'm going to gush over it now. The holo may not be prominent, but that isn't the point of this polish. She couldn't have done anything else to make this polish more perfect. The color choices, the glitter/shimmer choices. It's beautiful! The orange is beautiful, I wasn't able to fully capture it. My room was warm and I couldn't get the water or my hands cold enough to get it to stay for long. But the change is flawless.